L'alliance ISTI-CMH

ISTI- CMH - IEMI co-branding

For 40 years now, our Group aims to form "new professionals" to acquire operational managerial skills, passion for the job and the ability to cope with new developments in these professions.


ISTIInstitut Supérieur de Tourisme International - Institute of International Tourism, with European and international dimension, trains the students to acquire executive functions in International Tourism Management and prepares European Bachelor in International Tourism Management.


CMH Hospitality Management School

CMH Centre Européen de Management Hôtelier International - International Hospitality Management School is recognized in the fields of Hospitality, Tourism, Luxury Brand and Communication.


IEMI International Business School

IEMI Institut Européen de Management International – International Business School, with International recognition in the business world for 40 years

ISTI, CMH and IEMI team up to offer the best of their expertise for 40 years in the field of management and international business leaders. The holders of European Bachelor of ISTI and CMH have the opportunity to continue their studies to obtain MBA / Master of Business Administration (Bac + 5) at IEMI Business School.

Our programs are regularly updated and we offer offer a wide range of hogh potential specializations.

ISTI- CMH - IEMI co-branding
40 years of excellence in the training of managers and business leaders!

The future of Hospitality and Tourism:

By 2020, the World Travel and Tourism Council estimes that the hospitality and tourism generate over 300 million jobs. The prospects are encouraging! "Hospitality and Tourism" is the main industry that created jobs internationally. It is a industry with development prospects and evident growth. It is also a sector that is changing rapidly due to the impact of new technologies on industry by offering new career opportunities.

Its wide range of work opportunities includes hotels and restaurants, as well as other industries, such as travel, para-hospitality, health professions and well-being, to name a few. It is estimated that this sector continues to diversify and evolve, offering a wide range of career opportunities. Our goal is to help the students to become a major player in this strong and growing industry.


  • Innovative and reactive teaching
  • Regularly updated program according to the current professional situation
  • High level faculty
  • Personalized professional coaching
  • A multicultural environment
  • Programs taught in French / English
  • Most importantly, our group focuses on internships or missions, which allows an immediate implementation of the knowledge and quick and easy immersion at companies, through an alternate professional rhythm.

Alain Hermelin