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For a career in International Tourism, Communication, Events and Hospitality Management

The future of the Hospitality and Tourism sectors

The hotel and tourism industry is the main industry that creates jobs internationally.

300 million jobs by 2020

WTTC - World Trade and Tourism Council - believes that these industries generate more than 300 million jobs by 2020. The prospects are more than encouraging!

New Technologies for New career opportunities

In addition, new technologies applied to the Hospitality and Tourism, have created new career opportunities in these sectors, the prospects for growth and development are already evident.

  • 58% of Tourism and Hospitality customers prepared their holiday online last year,
  • 73% of them booked directly online
  • 20% have used social networks to prepare their holiday,

Research facilities, availability, performance comparators are only some of the many arguments in favor of the E and M-Tourism & Hospitality.

M-Tourism & Hospitality (mobile applications), has the same enthusiasm with the E-Tourism & Hospitality, and we can expect an exponential increase in future applications.

New jobs and new careers offer for the enthusiasts of Tourism, Hospitality and New Technologies today ...

The development of tourism and recreation is a major economic challenge for France and Europe and it requires the specialists mastering management tools and a specific areas related to leisure and hospitality, as well as communication, event management and luxury.

Our program was developed to meet the growing demand of tourism professionals, to prepare students for management positions and managers in clubs or leisure centers, Tour Operator, consultancies or communication associations, local territorial distributor, shops, hotels, attractions and entertainment.

This Anglo-Saxon training meets the European and international standards of higher and vocational education. It is sanctioned by:

l'European Bachelor in Tourism Management
le Bachelor of Science in International Hotel & Tourism Management
et le MBA - Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality and Luxury Brands Management.

We receive students from 41 countries, which gives an international spirit and multicultural education, allowing all participants to mingle and to get to know not only the language but also the culture and mentality.

In addition, our group develops trade and settlements of vocational training centers in Southeast Asia - Eastern Europe - India - Latin America, where we teach the management of International Affairs, Tourism and Hotels.