Hospitality and Tourism Futures

  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • Prof David Russell
  • Ms Salwan Finj
  • Ms Salwan Finj
  • Ms Salwan Finj
  • Dr James Mabey
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014
  • Dubai
  • Luca Guerra - Ritz Carlton Dubai

EuroCHRIE (the European Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education) is an organization representing "International CHRIE" based in the United States that brings together International higher education institutions specializing in Tourism and Hotel Management.

International EuroCHRIE 2014 conference was sponsored by EAHM - The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management - Dubai "a city of the future" in particular with the World Expo 2020!

The hotel industry is going to face very significant challenges in the next five years and the objectives of this conference were to analyze these changes, to identify the various opportunities offered by this sector and what this means for the education in Tourism and Hotel.

Guest speakers :

Prof David Russell
Founder of The Russell Partnership
Chairman of The Total Simulator Company
"Future Proofing the Student Experience"

Mr Gaurav Sinha
Founder & CEO
Insignia Worldwide
Sectoral Futures

Mr Steve Hood
Senior Vice President
"Future Trends in Hospitality and Tourism"

Ms Salwan Finj
B2B Sales Division Head - Commercial Display & Lighting GULF
Regional Senior Key Account Manager - Hospitality MEA
LG Technological Futures 

Mr Peter Starks
Functional Futures

Dr James Mabey
Senior Vice President, Development - Asia Pacific
Jumeirah Group 
"Behavioural Economics & the Future of Hotel Design and Customer Service"