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European Bachelor Bac + 3

European Bachelors

European Bachelor program aims to give you a solid foundation for integrating the professional world. It allows you to master both theory and practical aspects.

European Bachelor is equivalent to LMD degree of European studies with a Bac + 3. It is the first level of academic recognition in Europe. It is obtained by validating 180 ECTS credits at the end of training.

Professional degree

Internships and management trainings are integral parts of the program to allow students to immediately apply their knowledge in the business world and to refine their projects and work experience according to their career project.

With the continuous updated programs, this training is particularly sought after by European and international companies; Students are immediately operational upon completion of their studies.


  • Personal Coaching from the beginning of the program.
  • Online learning platform – EMC Connect – e-learning with access to course content
  • Professional space dedicated to internships, work assignments and jobs search
  • Online CV visible by companies that recruit students.
  • Virtual Library